Popularly known as Asia's Queen of Property, Dr Renesial Leong is a columnist, Master trainer and best selling author of the very FIRST series of guide books on Malaysian property investment.

After her first book, Property Jewels, which was published in 2004, it was well over four years before other property investment guide books were published.

To-date, all her books have made it to the top 10 bestsellers list.


Dr Renesial is an extremely successful property investor with more than 20 years of proven investment track record. Despite coming from very humble beginnings, she steadily built her portfolio through her sheer determination. Today, she controls millions of dollars worth of investment properties, many of which are prized, prime pieces.

She travels extensively, and she is happy to have had the privilege to analyse thousands of properties worldwide. Having seen for herself first-rate properties in premier locations of real estate around the world, she has acquired valuable insights into what makes a property a great investment.


Dr Renesial holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and is a much sought-after speaker at international and regional events. She is also the Master trainer of the highly acclaimed "Never Work Again through Properties" boot camps which have led her to train and inspire housands. All her graduates are encouraged to set aside 5 to 10% of their profits to support a charity of their choice.

Her greatest joy is having the ability to help people achieve financial freedom and optimum health. The reason is simple: with financial security and good health comes the ability to not only create great value for ourselves and live life to the fullest, but also to improve the lives of our loved ones in particular the less fortunate.

The Path to great success starts with a decision
— Dr Renesial Leong