Hot Hot Hot ! (Click here to see post)

Its 12 noon and getting pretty hot. While waiting for my lunch “kakis” to turn
up, just realised how much hotter our weather has become.

We’ve got to look more seriously into climate change. The big picture is we
must make more effort to green our cities. You and I can play a part too, aside
from planting more plants and trees; not just in our gardens, also in our
neighbourhood, but in anywhere else we could.

Which brings me to a point to be considered by homebuyers and property
investors. When checking out properties, look out for those with ample
ventilation and natural lighting throughout the day. A well ventilated house
will lower temperature and even if by just one or two degrees Celsius, it does
make a difference in energy savings, not to mention, healthy tenants, as well
as playing your part to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Ops, my lunch kakis are here, more on cooler homes and buildings when time

Sher Maine